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Diesch and Autenrieth absolute winners and Ponsetí Youth champion at the 42 Palamós Christmas Race

22 December 2017

German team Simon Diesch and Philipp Autenrieth have been the absolute winners of the 42 Palamós-Christmas Race and have engraved their name on the Manuel Albalat Trophy. Diesch is the son of Montreal 76 FD Olympic champion who suggested in 1974 in Palamós the creation of what today is the Christmas Race. The Diputació de Girona to the Youth winner has been awarded to Pere Ponsetí, Laser Radial Men Champion.

Changeable winds on final day in Palamós

Simon Diesch and Philipp Autenrieth have claimed victory in the 470 men followed by Spanish team Jordi Xammar and Nicolás Rodríguez. Third place overall was for South African sailors Asenathi Jim and Alexander Ham.

In the 470 women fleet, French team Jennifer Poret and Camille Hautefaye arrived as leaders to the Medal Race and also won this final race confirming the top place in the overall standings. Second place was for Spanish team Bàrbara Cornudella and Sara an third place was for Germany with team Luise and Helena Wanser.

Estonian sailor Deniss Karpak claimed victory in the Finn class followed by Croatian sailor Milan Vujasinovic – the third edition in which he finished second. Spanish sailor Alex Muscat was third overall.

Biritish victory for Daniel Whiteley in Laser standard followed closely by Polish sailors Filip Ciszkiewicz and Tadeusz Kubiak at two and four points respectively.

Laser radial women World champion, Alison Young from Great Britain was the winner in one of the fletes with a highest level with five sailors among the top ten at this year’s Worlds and Europeans. Maria Erdi from Hungary finished second and third place was for Dutch sailor Maxime Jonker.

Spanish sailor Pere Ponsetí claimed a comfortable victory in the Laser radial men class followed by Arthur Fry in second place and Spanish sailor Víctor Moure in third place.

The 49er saw a surprising change in the podium places with Slovenian team Peter Janizic and Sebastian Princic climbing to the lead with Italian sailors Simone Ferrarese and Valerio Galati going down to ninth overall.

Italian dominance in the 49erFX with Italian team Carlota Omari and Matilda Distefano as winners with one point over Francesca Bergamo and Jana Germani.

Wichy Hernández and Nacho Balaguer won in the 420 class followed by Spanish team Nacho Mateu and Javier Mestre. France claimed third overall with team Jeremi Nathan and Mathis Guessard.

A final day with a wide range of wind conditions with some racing areas registering up to 40 knots and others hardly reaching 5 and a changeable wind from North to South.



1 Deniss Karpak (EST), 26 p
2 Milan Vujasinovic (CRO), 33 p
3 Alejandro Muscat (ESP), 34 p

Laser Standard
1 Daniel Whiteley (GBR), 35 p
2 Filip Ciszkiewicz (POL), 37 p
3 Tadeusz Kubiak (POL), 39 p

Laser Radial Women
1 Alison Young (GBR), 9 p
2 Maria Erdi (HUN), 15 p
3 Maxime Jonker (NED), 31 p

Laser Radial Men
1 Pere Ponsetí (ESP), 8 p
2 Arthur Fry (GBR), 23 p
3 Víctor Moure (ESP), 27 p

470 Men
1 Simon Diesch/Philipp Autenrieth (GER), 11 p
2 Jordi Xammar/Nicolás Rodríguez (ESP), 26 p
3 Asenathi Jim/Alexander Ham (RSA), 32 p

1 Peter Janezic/Sebastian Princic (SLO), 30 p
2 Tomas Mathisen/Mads Mathisen (NOR), 31 p
3 Yan Checkh/Ivan Zotov (RUS), 32 p

1 Carlota Omari/Matilda Distefano (ITA), 45 p
2 Francesca Bergamo/Jana Germani (ITA), 46 p
3 Enia Nincevic/Mihaela de Micheli (CRO), 56 p

1 Wichy Hernández/Nacho Balaguer (ESP),
2 Nacho Dávila/Javier Mestre (ESP), 26 p
3 Jeremi Nathan/Mathis Guessard (FRA), 37 p

1 Florian Steurer/Moritz Fiebig (GER), 10 p
2 Nicolas Salvage/Lucas Beckers (FRA), 22 p
3 Jonas Schupp/Moritz Hagenmeyer (GER), 24 p

1 Oriol Piña (ESP), 20 p
2 Marc Arrufat (ESP), 22 p
3 Alejandro Pareja (ESP), 25 p

470 Women
1 Jennifer Poret/Camille Hautefaye (FRA), 10 p
2 Bàrbara Cornudella/Sara López (ESP9, 24 p
3 Luise Wanser/Helena Wanser (GER), 41 p