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No wind, no racing on day one in Palamós

18 December 2017

The 335 teams entered in the 42 Christmas Race will have to wait to make the start of the regatta. The clouds over the bay prevented the wind from blowing and the fleet was postponed ashore.  

The clouds prevented the wind from arriving to the bay. N wind, 20 knots forecasted for tomorrow

The Race Committees sailed to their racing areas to be ready for the South wind forecasted. Unfortunately, the wind did not arrive and at 3pm the Race Manager made the decision to cancel racing for the day. Only the 49erFX waited in case a light breeze would enable them to race.  

Enric Agud, the regatta weather forecast man explained that the clouds arrived sooner than expected with cold temperatures preventing the wind from blowing”.

The regatta Race Manager, Carles Palomares, feels at ease as the weather forecast for the coming days is very good: "We have to think day by day. We expect good wind conditions for Tuesday and we will do our best to sail all the races scheduled ".

No change in the schedule of races for tomorrow with first starts at 11.00 am

Contact : jsoler@harcom.org